A busy winter season for all…..

Firstly may I say a big thank you to everyone who went to the Fibre Festival in Toodyay on the long weekend in June, Your support is greatly appreciated by the organising committee. Also to all the willing helpers on the Melanian Sheep Breeders stall, my grateful thanks. Sadly I could not be there. Unfortunately I was in the doorway when a strong wind caught my shops heavy back door, not only knocking me off my feet, but the door slammed shut on my hand. Yes 2 broken fingers and tendon damage, but I am a quick healer with physio treatment and lots of tlc & support from friends.

What a lovely Spin In day at Augusta on June 11th. Ellie drove my ute and we took the Melanian depot and Bilby Yarns to the spin in. Devon packed & unpacked the vehicle and Charmaine happily wrote up the sales. I did lots of chatting, it was lovely to catch up with old friends.

The Perth Royal Show creative craft schedules are very late being published this year but as soon as they are online, please do consider entering. 2016 is the Year of Wool.

Warm Wooly Wishes

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