Seasons Greetings to all.

A big thank you to all our valued clients & friends for your support and kind wishes this year. Our special hours will continue for a while, once we have reopened on 15th January 2019. [tue 130-5, Wed & fri 1030-330, thu 1230-430, sat 1030-1230].
Recently we received 14 spinning wheels into our shop [from one source ! ]…as is, they will be available at bargain prices. Once they are serviced the prices will increase according to time spent renovating & parts needed. Wheels include George Wright, Haldane, Wee Peggy, Sheridan, traditionals & upright styles … some with distaff!  Several have already been sold & others are tagged for collection on 15th. Please send an email if you are interested in a particular wheel/model so that I can hold it for you.
Also  into store, bales of fleece …ultra fine, superfine merino, corriedale, naturally coloured melanian fleece, english leicester, romney, strong lincoln PLUS the latest from Ashfords ... Kiwi 3 with folding treadle base, super jumbo electronic spinning wheel, wavy shuttles, handi handles for your rigid heddle looms and the current issue of Wheel magazine.
On a personal update, our ‘mni’ bub who arrived 17 weeks early at 810 grams, now weighs 2.97kgs, is 11 weeks old & thriving in hospital.  His weary parents & grandparents are exhausted but ok, and looking forward to welcoming him home in February.                          We hope your Christmas was merry and for 2019, may your days be happy, your hearts light and your New Year bright.   :]


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