Newsy May update

Winter has arrived in West Australia, after such sunny, warm autumn weather, it has caught most of us by surprise. However, it is an ideal time to get woolly and crafty by the warm fireside in the evenings.

Newly arrived stock filling our shelves include fine merino solid colours, merino/silk, merino/alpaca, lots of luscious raw naturally coloured Melanian fleece, white fine merino, 30 micron dyed strong corriedale and the lovely naturally coloured 24/25 micron West Australian Dreamee wool tops in coco, silver, moorit beige and white. Have you tried our 19 micron West Aussie fine natural black and white tops yet? They are very soft and yummy.

Also we have spinning, weaving supplies, accessories, parts.

On Saturday May 23rd, the old ewe will be in Toodyay at the Spin-In being held at the Town Hall….I will have 2 stall tables…one for melanian fleece and the other with Bilby goodies –  tops, equipment etc.      [Sadly our Willagee shop will not be be open  Sat 23rd whilst I am away…both my helpers,  the black sheep and lamb, have influenza]

On Sunday May 31, the old ewe will be taking the Black Sheep Shop & wool depot to the Melanian Sheep Breeders’ stall at the Toodyay Festival [in the town hall again].

If you need a specific item brought to the spin-in or festival for you, don’t forget to let me know at least 48 hours before.


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Resident: Wool Buyer, Weaver, Spinner, Knitter, Dyer, Felter and Fountain (Bottomless pit) of Knowledge
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