Year of the Farmer and the Melanian Sheep Breeder Society’s 35th anniversary

This year, 2012, we celebrate the ‘Year of the Farmer’ at the Perth Royal Show,
We also celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Melanian Sheep Breeders Society of Western Australia – Located throughout W.A. this group of sheep breeders, have been growing & supplying good quality naturally coloured wool – ie black, grey, brown, beige etc

As part of their anniversary we have held a Knitting competition where participants were asked to spin their own yarns from raw naturally coloured melanian fleece and hand knit either a adult jacket or pullover. [no overdyeing was permitted]
We have had some amazing use of the natural colours and some stunning garments were created, so we have decided to exhibit them for a week at our Wool depot & Black Sheep Shop in Willagee

from Tuesday 28th August to Friday 31st August  10.30am–5pm

Some of the garments will be available for sale at the Wool Depot [within Bilby Yarns shop] in Willagee, or at the Black Sheep Shop in the Jim Horwood Sheep Pavillion at the 2012 Perth Royal Show.

35th Anniversary Exhibition
Handspun, Handknit Wool Garments

Melanian Sheep Breeders’
6 Harrison Street, Willagee

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